The affect of fashion on every person and the analysis of fashion as an integral part of a personality’s identity essay sample

Clothes still remain important to people who seek to make a right impression on their community. Our dressing habits convey information about ourselves and the environment which obliges to stick to a certain style. Meeting someone for the first time, people always judge on the outer look of their interlocutor. It generally helps them to define intentions and personality type of strange people.

We choose clothes that help us to reveal our identity. Creative or extravagant individuals clearly stand out of the crowd due to their innovative or simply weird look. Such clothes do not only express belonging to a certain community; they bring inspiration and self-confidence to those who care about their look. Tastes define our identity and explain why we wear these particular clothes. If an elegant-looking person tries to put scruffy jeans on, they may be disappointed with their new  look. Clothes that correlate with our identity are always comfortable for us, no matter whether they are creased trousers or an oversize jacket.

Fashion trends change every now and then, and our tastes transform too. It happens because personal identity is not static; we develop our taste discovering something new or meeting interesting people. Mass media and fashion may influence our own sense of style, which makes us appreciate clothes we did not like before. But it is always important to differentiate fashion from style. Fashion is an image promoted by designers first and then by mass media. People can follow current trends or stay immune to them. Style is a generalized category that encompasses certain features of clothing irrespective of new trends. People may like any particular style and prefer classic clothes over casual ones because of their own but not mass appreciation.