Lap top versus tablet:  which one is better? essay sample

People of different age and occupation have different needs but most of them are generally satisfied with portable devices. Laptops and tablets are essential no matter whether we work or rest, not even mentioning smartphones and iPads. Aiming to renew our digital variety, we try to purchase up-to-date devices which have recently hit the market and excited technological geeks. Laptops and tablets are very useful, but sometimes there is no need to purchase both at one time. Each person can choose which option is better for their needs.

People who are going to multitask and use several programs at the same time will find laptops being more convenient than tablets. The latter better work with numerous apps specifically designed to use websites or online services while laptops can do online surfing with a single browser. Of course, tabs progress quickly; new ones allow to open several windows on the screen. But working intense with different programs and making research on the net will be much more quick and convenient with the laptop. Besides, laptops have a more powerful hardware than tablets which reflects on their weight. Tabs are perfect for people who need to play games online, stream a movie or check their Facebook account every now and then.

To sum it up, tabs and laptops are designed for different purposes. Laptops are great at performing multiple tasks which require using several programs at the same time. Tablets are better to do a limited range of tasks on the go. We can easily watch movies, surf the internet, or play games with a light and super-slim tab. Besides, tabs are cheaper than laptops so that there is no need to pay more money for those users who actually use a few programs.

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