Religion and science can go hand in hand essay sample


Science and religion are the two domains which traditionally cannot coexist in peace even if they are meant to be complementary. Spirit and intelligence are not interchangeable notions as they serve to satisfy different needs. Beliefs go hand in hand with culture, traditions, and rituals which pass on generations referring to our identity. Religious heritage contains an enormous cultural and artistic value which shall never be underestimated. Science, on the other hand, is derived from knowledge. The more thoroughly people explored environment and interrelations between natural phenomena, the more aware they became on the forces which make a real impact on our well-being such as climate, other living beings, and our own nature. However, some issues still remain a mystery to the scientists who can only build hypothesis. This is the place where religion doubts the abilities of a material evidence.

Apparently, the two domains are empowered by different sources. Religion refers to the authority of scriptures while science operates with factual data recognized by the broad community. Religion is static but science changes and moves forward with every new proof obtained in the laboratories. Every now and then religious people try to explain the matters they are not competent in and meet the resistance of scientists. Scientific inventions sometimes contradict religious ethics, take abortion and birth control for example. The debates continue as rather few people on the religious side can acknowledge that their area of competence is limited: it is much better to feel right in everything.