Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse essay sample

Child abuse and neglect are inseparably tied to the social and economic status of parents. To treat their children properly, adults need a well-rounded education in the first place and a stable workplace that ensures economic sustainability of the household. Obviously, the country with high school dropouts and poverty is doomed to see mistreated children.  Parental neglect has vivid immediate manifestations as well as lasting effects.

Abuse frequently drags violent behavior which results in physical injuries. Children can hide scars and bruises under the clothes, but wounds on the face give away violent parents. Physical abuse will sooner or later cause the impairment of organs or bodily systems. Concussions and head traumas are common in kids who suffer from violence; they disrupt cognitive skills, language, and academic abilities of children. Abused kids have weak emotional and mental health. Social phobia and anxiety in little children indicate that they experience troubles with parents.

Behavioral difficulties are inevitable when adults treat children aggressively. The agonies of adolescence may come even to the teens raised in loving families, not even mentioning abused kids. Abused teenagers inevitably segregate from their families; they experiment with alcohol and drugs which drag them to the juvenile delinquency. Besides, mistreated children are much more predisposed to violent behavior than their peers. Affected kids frequently become bullies or form cliques to increase their influence on peers.

Child’s neglect may have similar social and behavioral consequences. Unsupervised children are likely to discover all temptations themselves and get into a serious trouble. Parental neglect costs billions of dollars to the government which regularly issues funds to compensate for the destructive behavior of insecure kids.

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