Influence of Parents on Child Behavior essay sample

Social environment is the most potent factor which determines the behavior of children. Parents are the primary social circle for their kids, and parent-child communication is a model to which a child will stick in the future. Parenting styles shape the child’s perception of other people; a correct parenting style usually helps kids to incorporate in their society while inefficient parenting makes the life of children rather difficult.

As a rule, parenting styles are passed traditionally in each family. Whether authoritative, authoritarian, permissive or neglectful, every person prefers the style used by their parents. However, an individual experience is not always positive. Some adults will never refer to the upbringing techniques used by their parents due to the violence they felt at the early age.

From the child’s point of view, life is a game in which the rules are determined by parents. Parental instructions really matter but another important aspect is the way adults impose their requirements. Issuing ultimatums may seem very clear, but children can take radical intentions of parents as a threat. Authoritative parenting in which adults supervise their kids is considered to be a perfect model of upbringing. However, if an aggressive style of communication is implied to generally obedient kids, they feel desperate about their inability to speak on friendly terms with their parents.

An improper parenting style puts children at odds with society. Growing under the constant command of parents, children are likely to develop social phobia. On the other hand, those who grow up neglected frequently cannot control themselves in social interaction and do not fit in social norms.