Unconventional Family Structures essay sample


The concept of family gradually changes under the influence of social trends and popular culture. A nuclear family is commonly accepted as an ideal family pattern. It became a traditional way to organize family relationships in the twentieth century, and today it still provides a perfect environment to raising children. Nevertheless, there exist other types of families which can function quite well even if they do not fit the image of a nuclear family.

Single parenthood is a common form of the alternative family. One-parent families became common yet before the twentieth century when many husbands were taken by war. Today, the high rate of divorce is the prior explanation to numerous single-parent households existing across the US. Poverty is the main problem faced by such families especially if a single parent is a woman.

Cohabitation may be an alternative family structure because it is not a formal marriage. Live-in is common for couples who want to test their compatibility before getting an official marriage. Nearly 15 millions of American cohabitation couples have children.

LGBT families gain more recognition with each year. While a certain part of the society continues to condemn gay marriages for a variety of reasons, sexual minorities make up same-sex families and adopt children who have two mothers or two fathers. Homosexuality is an element of popular culture, thus, LGBT families are a part of the modern society.

A singlehood is a popular lifestyle in the US, however, it cannot be fully treated as a type of family. Nearly 32 million of Americans live alone. People can have children with the help of in vitro fertilization or adopt kids available in their state or abroad. Singlehood is a deliberate choice of individuals, but still, people can change their mind in future.