The White (Man’s) House essay sample

Women always faced more challenges in the workplace as compared to their male colleagues, especially when they are into government and policy-making. The representation of female staff in all three branches of power leaves much to be desired, and a gender pay gap is another area for speculation. Currently, women have strengthened their positions in the president’s office which, nevertheless, took them decades of hard work and fierce competition.

When President Obama took office, his advisers were mostly male. Despite the fact that women were officially represented in the White House, they almost fought for an access to the important meetings. Female aides faced the pressure from male colleagues who were naturally interested in delivering their own opinions to the president. Nevertheless, women combined their attempts and won more Obama’s attention with their strategy of amplification: all crucial ideas and their source were repeated by the female aides. That was the way women received a parity with men in the office during the president’s second term.

The White House is not like any other job place in the US. However, it can be a perfect model of the office with an incredibly strong code of power, aggressive environment, and limited access to the top manager. The White House is a right place to start combating gender misrepresentation in power. With the current tendency to balance racial and gender representation among the highest officials, women (including women of color) are expected to take more seats in the Congress and fill the Supreme Court in the near future.

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