Women’s Rights and Movements essay sample

The feminist struggle for the rights of women started more than a century ago and over the years it has grown to the scale suffragettes could hardly imagine themselves. From equal rights and legal protection to fair representation in power and freedom of females across the globe. The goals of feminism continue to spread around the world to the Middle Eastern countries where women share the same values. Feminism is rather a comprehensive movement which has not come to the end yet. But every stage of this struggle had its particular demands most of which were, fortunately, satisfied.

The first wave of feminism of the late nineteenth – early twentieth century was the first victory of the movement, however, it was not the primary mention of women’s rights. Yet in the fifteenth century, Christine de Pizan wrote in defense of women in her book Epistle to the God of Love. Her successors mentioned this topic in their writings until the first wave of feminism arose. The demands were clear – women shall have basic rights on their property, children, and political manifestation. The second wave of feminism brought up the issue of social as well as political inequality of women. The third wave of feminism tried to compensate for losses in the previous wave; it was successful to some extent but it also brought along substantial criticism mainly because it is commonly understood to encourage reverse discrimination.

The late twentieth century is considered to be the post-feminist era. Numerous ideologies emerge on this background, and feminist views differ according to religion, culture, and political views. Despite the diverse views on the feminist movement, it is still difficult to overestimate its impact on both male and female societies.

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