The Feminist Revolution essay sample

The feminist movement has considerably changed the world and its traditions. Feminists gave a rise to the women’s spirits and evoked fear in the men who treated the suffragette’s movement as if it was an outbreak of plague. In the early twentieth century, the possibility of women receiving rights to vote and control over their lives was close to the outrageous. A century passed since the revolution of feminist had undermined the patriarchal traditions of the Western world and started to stride across the continents. Today we can fully estimate how the contribution of those activists transformed our reality.

First of all, it is important to consider the suffragettes’ little victory which resulted in the 19th Amendment. Participation in the life of our land as well as possessing essential civil rights is essential for people of all genders. Ownership ceased to belong exceptionally to the males, and for the first time, women could make a contribution to the lives of their kids. Cultural and political equalities of the second wave of feminism incorporated women into the social life and made steps to equal them to men in occupation. Gender roles began to shift. In the second part of the twentieth century, women’s targets were not restricted to childbearing and homemaking.

Talking about the achievements we consider most meaningful today, we shall mention women taking part in governing, policy-making, and legislation. Now we have female judges and congresswomen, not even mentioning female scientists, military and police officers alongside with business leaders who push the economy forwards. As we can see, those women who believed in themselves have made quite a revolution which is not yet finished.

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