Anorexia and Women essay sample


Striving to a beautiful bodily shape at all cost, women easily cross the line between the ambition and the obsession. While some women do not really care about their weight and allow themselves all tasty things they like, the others seek perfection in everything. Women practically starve to complete exhaustion in order to look fancy and raise self-esteem. Obsessive diet, however, may be dangerous as the woman body becomes feeble. At the critical stages of anorexia, women do not have any appetite and they cannot cope with the disease without hospitalization.

However, anorexia is not only the disease of perfectionists. Life changing or stressing experience is very likely to cause eating disorders. Constant anxiety and pressing fear wake an immediate response from the digestive system which perceives an ongoing situation as a threat. While some people tend to eat uncontrollably in stressful situations, the others feel instantly sick.

Anorexia shall not remain untreated as it is physically and mentally dangerous. Women with the disorder are very weak and, naturally, they cannot become pregnant. Even an ordinary cold can be dangerous because the organism has no means to resist the virus. Side effects can lead to the heart failure which is a serious threat to life.

Anorexia is more likely to happen at the young age. Parents shall pay an extra attention to their teenage daughters, as they are living within the youth popular culture. Skinny models and beautifully shaped  celebrities make these girls think that diet and exercise cannot be excessive. Apparently, these are the most vivid signs of anorexia nervosa – keeping a strict diet, constant exercising, counting calories, refusing to have meals with the family.

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