The Gender Bias: How Men and Women are Treated Differently in Law, Media, and Social Interactions essay sample

Gender bias blended in our lives such a long time ago that people actually ceased to pay attention to it. Discrimination is visible if a gross violation of human rights takes place, but some traditional and harmless things like men shaking hands while meeting may look like a discrimination too. Nevertheless, gender bias is a serious hurdle in various life situations which prevents women from being a fully-fledged part of the society and revealing their highest potential.

The existence of gender-biased employers is no surprise, and law firms and courts are the first on the list. Female lawyers face pay gap yet at the junior level, and with the promotion it only increases. Most American female lawyers and judges are approximately 25 percent underpaid if compared to their male colleagues. Besides, women are clearly underrepresented in the legislative power so that American courts are clearly dominated by male judges.

Gender bias in media is also about the pay gap and the reduced number of women involved in the business. Top ranking actresses around the world earn less than their male colleagues. Though paydays are quite high, some female celebrities are indignant about being underpaid. Many films also have male actors in leading roles – the fact which comes unnoticed without a research.

Gender bias determines social interaction in the everyday life. As women are not perceived as prior bread-winners, their role is mostly seen as a subordinate to the man. The potential of unmarried young women is still judged according to their ability to attract and retain potential long-term partners, however ridiculous it may sound these days.

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