“Coming Out”: Feared or Loved essay sample

Family values are considered to be one of the top priorities of the society. But that notion does not usually involve “gay family values”. Racial and gender tolerance is a feature of progressive minds, but not everybody is ready to accept people who do not fit the traditional standards. LGBT community has repeatedly faced hate and violence, and sexual minorities frequently feel neither comfortable nor safe about their orientation.

The fear of coming out tends to suppress LGBT people. Rather few of them find a courage to speak openly about their social status because consequences can be devastating. People fear that their family will treat them as outcasts and friends may turn away. The reaction of employers is unpredictable too. Trying to be different in public and private life, LGBT individuals cannot reveal their full potential. A constant need to hide one’s family status may become an overwhelming burden.

Perhaps, coming out starts from LGBT people being frank with themselves. Some of them cannot face the fact that they are not attracted to people of the opposite sex at all. They feel awkward and guilty for their desires just because any deviation from heterosexuality is not supposed to be normal. For this reason, it is essential to be ready and prepared for coming out. As soon as people become comfortable with their nature, they will need the others to accept it too.

Making a decision to come out, people can turn the lives of their close ones upside down. Parents are not expecting their children to become gays or transsexuals, and they may be quite shocked by the news like this. But understanding and support of the family are the least LGBT people need in the tough time of coming out.

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