Homosexuality and How it is Portrayed in the Media essay sample



LGBT people remain vulnerable to discrimination not only in the workplace. The mass media are a potent tool which is frequently used to create stereotypes, especially when it concerns sexual orientation, race or gender. Media frequently dictate opinions to those who have not decided yet which side of the controversy they take. Popular movies and TV shows encircle sexual minorities with unrealistic stereotypes; they may have a grain of truth but they also distort mass perception of life and needs of sexual minorities.

A favorite misconception concerning gay men is that they are incredibly feminine. In the most viewed shows, they are keen on fashion and art. Homosexual individuals prefer an extravagant and feminine style in clothing and relationships so that the audience can easily tell – this character is gay. On the other hand, there are movies which depict homosexual people who do not exactly fit the criteria established by the mass media. Their life does not much differ from the routine of heterosexual peers; these individuals adopt children and nurture their family.

Typically, LGBT people are portrayed as either victims or aggressors due to their feeble status inside the society. In the media, they always stand out among heterosexual people which is not obvious for the real life. But in general, public attention to LGBT people has sufficiently grown lately, and popular media try to catch up with the problems of sexual minorities. Discrimination in business and social life has not been eradicated yet, and journalists also drag the attention of their readers to such unpleasant issues.

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