Transgendered Individuals in the Workplace essay sample

The existence of transgender people is not a breaking news anymore. Although sexual orientation has nothing to do with the IQ, qualification, and skills required in the job place, 20 to 50 percent of transgender people faced employment discrimination. Individuals who have already been employed report about being harassed or denied promotion. Apparently, employers either have a negative attitude towards sexual minorities or feel anxious about their integration in the team.

Unfair treatment in the workplace is not a rare case for people of an “unprivileged” gender. Every gender group except for men (preferably white) were to some extent discriminated by employers. The issue of employment is a stressful topic for those who suffered from an unfair treatment at least once. Naturally, harassed individuals wish to leave the company with intolerant gender policies even if they were not fired at once. Perhaps, such practice can be destructive to the companies. Victims of gender intolerance do not recommend the company for other potential employees, which is more, they speak about disrespectful policies in open. It is doubtful whether rumors can make some tangible damage to the enterprise, but they can be negatively reflected upon the corporate image. It can be especially disappointing for businesses which have quite a diverse clients database.

Damage of firing people without any reasonable excuse also drags financial losses. According to the statistics, every 2 millions of unfairly fired professionals and managers cost American employers more than 60 billion dollars. Financial efficiency shall not drop due to the personal attitudes of the higher management. Companies should better think twice before dismissing a valuable employee because of such a private matter as a sexual orientation.