Main problems that teens face essay sample

Well, one of the most significant problems which teens face these days is bullying. What is more, it is that kind of thing which is not easily identified by school administration which makes it harder to find a suitable solution as well as simply to react to the situation.

What should be taken into consideration in this respect is that a lot of teens simply do not like to elaborate on cases of bullying because they are afraid. It is absolutely understandable. Yet, it makes the process of finding solutions so much harder.

Another huge problem for teens is competition among each other. What is more, quite often it is that kind of competition which defines who is cooler at school which presupposes that quite often teenagers are going to make some questionable decisions in order to prove that they are cooler than their peers. The problem is that it may have some severe consequences. Being a part of the community is one of the most important things for almost any teenager.

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