Make Athletic Facilities Available to All Students essay sample




Getting higher education is much more than just attending lectures and seminars. Athletic facilities offered by universities make educational establishments famous and attract students from around the world. About 400 000 male and female student-athletes annually participate in competitions held on state and national level. Students who demonstrate outstanding academic and athletic achievement receive scholarship and grants provided by National Collegial Athletic Association.

Football, ice hockey, baseball,  basketball, soccer, and rugby are the most popular college sports across the US. But numerous American universities provide more than that to their students. Tennis, gymnastics, aerobics, swimming and many others remind us that it is not essential for a student to play either basketball or rugby to become a college athlete. Recreation centers differ from one university to another, and large state establishments such as the University of Iowa or the University of Texas offer quite comprehensive facilities for those who want to achieve their full athletic potential.

Athletic facilities and their size usually depend on numerous factors. Financial backing is crucial as well as the support of non-profitable organizations. Besides, some universities are more oriented on athletics than the others. But of course, well-famous national universities always make sure that their gyms and courts were equipped up to scratch.

Contemporary recreation centers engage most male and female athletes in college sports. Perhaps,  small local colleges still may lack in female sports while paying more attention to men’s sports such as basketball or rugby. But on the general scale, college sports provide opportunities for all young athletes to get involved, irrespective of their athletic ability.

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