Work Study Programs or Internships Should Prepare Students for the Job Market essay sample

Higher education is essential to find a good full-time job but the college degree alone is not enough.   Today, many students complain employers ignore them unless they have a certain experience of work in their field. Unlike internship, colleges do not provide an essential practice to make a qualified workforce of their students. Correctly implemented internship programs are mutually beneficial for students and their employers. They help students to come up with the choice of their profession and supply companies with employees who are ready to work.

First of all, internship is a real way for students to discover what their profession is really like. As a matter of fact, choices of high school graduates are based either on the prestige of the job or on the preference of their parents. Rather few teenagers know for sure what they want from their future and are eager to implement their ideas. The majority is still waiting that future will give them hints which profession is a perfect one for them. Even college students may not realize that the profession they chose does not suit them. In this case, internship is more than helpful. It allows young people to find their perfect vocation better late than never.

Learning practical skills may be challenging even to those who demonstrate an excellent academic performance. Professional growth is not only about knowledge; it is rather about applying them to the real life. As soon as students learn how to do that as well as fit in the corporate environment, they become attractive to their potential employers. That is why internship is the first stage of one’s long and successful career.