Students Who Volunteer on Campus Should Receive a Tuition Break essay sample

Volunteering has quickly spread among college and high school students. By this time, many K-12 schools supplemented their curricula with service learning disciplines, and high schools require their students to spend certain hours in community service before they graduate. Colleges, in their turn, take into account student’s experience in volunteering. Community service is associated with altruism, commitment, and dedication – qualities which are usually appreciated in education and work.

Besides contributing to the world famous organizations, students usually volunteer on campus and in the local community. On campus, they can work as assistants who plan programs or activities and help students from abroad to assimilate with their new environment. Perhaps, it would be right if volunteers had some incentives for their work such as a tuition discount. Currently, some institutions offer their volunteers academic credits which are quite stimulating. But if students who contribute to a college with their athletic and academic achievements are eligible for grants and scholarships, why should not students who work in the community get a small discount too?

Engaging in a community service while at college is a good reason for students to continue volunteering in future. And the role of volunteers shall not be underestimated: in the time when everybody does their best to improve their community, volunteers are the people who do not expect a payment for their services. The government pays for the services of numerous public employees, but they cannot accommodate all needs of the society. That is why volunteers are crucial to the whole nation, and higher educational establishments shall compensate a small part of the tuition fee to encourage volunteering among students.