Management in international Asia-oriented companies. Essay sample


There is no doubt that business strategies as well as the way in which work is organized differ depending on each particular company. International Asia-oriented companies are no exception.

To begin with, it is vital to specify the fact that the regional team plays a significant role regarding the issue in question. To be more specific, a regional team helps the company enter the market they are focused on in a faster and more effective way, Thus, the whole process of transition becomes rather smooth when the regional team is present. They know they mindset of the people who live in that region which presupposes that they are also aware of those marketing strategies are going to work and bring the company revenue.

Speaking about the management team and its members, the best approach is to hire a local representative who will manage the team from within. The thing is that such person knows what approaches should be used so that to motivate employees to demonstrate better results. What is more, such representatives also have valuable knowledge regarding certain hiring and working peculiarities regarding the country under consideration which will definitely come in handy, especially when general management does not have many years of experience working in that region.

Taking everything into consideration, management in international Asia-oriented companies is totally different from those approaches which are implemented in traditional international or Western-oriented companies. That is the reason why proper research regarding the region in question is required before one starts operating in that area. Hiring a team of locals will definitely come in handy as well.


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