Rhetorical Analysis on Food Inc. essay sample

‘Food Inc.’ is an American documentary film that was shot in 2008. The director of the film is Robert Kenner. The plot of the documentary focuses on the issue of corporate farming in the United States of America as well as highlights how environmentally unfriendly, abusive and unhealthy the industry is.

One of the major problems emphasized in the film is that big food companies control what kind of food is delivered to the consumers, what it consists of as well as how it is processed. The goal of the documentary was to inform the general public about the issue, to stress the importance of doing some research regarding the sources of food that lands on the table as well as to make them think twice when go grocery shopping or eating out. In such a way, it will be possible to keep oneself and one’s family safer.

The film maker highlights the notion that the food industry typically does not want their consumers to know what they eat as well as where their food comes from because there is a very high chance that they would not want to eat it then. Besides, big food companies constantly need to generate revenue.

Taking everything into consideration, the director has definitely managed to have a profound effect on the target audience, mainly because he disclosed truthful information that was unknown to the majority of consumers. In such a way, some of them will definitely think twice before making a purchase. Besides, the imagery is both wild and vivid which helps to attract the viewers’ attention. Apart from that, the author dwells upon a very topical issue in his documentary.