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Today, many people still do not care much about a family planning. They take a childbirth for granted and treat children as a blessing whenever they come. Strangely, but those who do not appreciate becoming pregnant in tough times do not care about contraception as well. Unplanned children can be either loved or neglected, but all in all, they make way to financial difficulties for low-income families.

Taking control over one’s childbirth is critical for women in the twenty-first century. Today it is even difficult to imagine that centuries ago abstinence was the only method of contraception in erstwhile developed societies. Despite any religious controversies, modern women must fully realize the impact of numerous children on quality of care and education they will get. Certainly, it is really great if a family can have three or four children who will always be fully provided with all the necessities. But if numerous kids are likely to push their parents into financial troubles, it is worth for adults to stop having one or two children.

Regulation of the childbirth was enforced by governments of the most densely-populated countries;  one-child policy was implemented in the late twentieth century in China. In general, mandatory regulation slowed down the rates of overpopulation and made parents provide a better care for their children. There are also certain drawbacks in the policy, however, it made people aware of the notion “family planning”.

Perhaps, all adults have a fundamental right to decide how many children they will have. But when ill-considered decisions threaten population with social and economic complications, the government shall intrude and set limits on childbirth.