Masculinity and Femininity in High School essay sample

Sexuality issues become crucial as teenagers reach a certain point in their physical development. Boys and girls at the age of puberty are well-aware of being little adults, and their actions are dictated by sexuality. Boys traditionally like to reveal their masculinity in dominance, attraction, and sometimes violence. Girls expose femininity by their appearance and welcoming attitude towards the opposite gender. Sexuality is also visible from the interaction between peers of the same sex – rivalry and competition are common both to boys and girls even if they compete in a different way.

As boys grow up, they generally want to confirm their masculine nature. But masculinity is not only about the relationship with the opposite sex; it is a set of norms which dictate how a true man shall express their feelings and interact with other men. According to these norms, boys shall always protect their interests, engage in a fight if they are violated, and remain competitive. Heterosexuality is another crucial point of masculinity. Macho culture promotes attraction to the opposite sex that is why homosexualism is not tolerated in the teenage environment. Competition from the point of masculinity involves violence.

Femininity also is formed around stereotypes. Girls need to look and behave attractive to the opposite sex. In the popular culture, a sexuality of girls comes along with the victimization and objectification. The female potential is measured by the ability to attract potential partners. Striving to express their sexuality, girls use indirect aggression to disgrace and dispose of the competitors. Gossiping and cattiness are very common to female students, especially when the target is one of their classmates.

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