At-Risk Youth and Deviant Behavior essay sample


Young people are always a vulnerable social group. Their personality is actively forming under the influence of external factors which are not always easy to predict. Parents strive to control and monitor the activity and social environment of their kids but very often adults have no time to pay an extra attention. Being overlooked, teenagers strive to involve in risky activities which will not evoke approval of their parents. Alcohol and drugs are only a few options of entertainment promoted by the youth culture. Poor parenting and unstable environment push teenagers to delinquency which is a problem of most societies.

To start with, some children are more predisposed to violent behavior than others. They may reveal a distinct antisocial tendency and weird behavior at the early age. Inherited disorders or acquired anger are to blame in such case. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, deficiency of cognitive abilities, family history of aggressive behavior, exposure to violence in the family are the foremost causes of deviant behavior.

Talking about family influence, it does not always protect children from destructive attitudes. Extremely strong or lax discipline, poor monitoring and supervision, high pressure and expectations, substance abuse of the family members practically ruin a child’s future. Problems at school also push kids to deviant actions. Lack of involvement in peers’ community, rejection or participation in cliques are common for juvenile delinquents. And of course, social and economic conditions are crucial. Children from disorganized neighborhoods and inner cities are more likely to incorporate in the criminal world.