Mean Girls: A Study of Competition between Young Women essay sample

Indirect aggression is a typically female way of solving problems. Perhaps, every girl has noticed cattiness of the other girls at high school or expressed indirect aggression herself. At first sight, shy and timid teenagers are more likely to face a mean behavior of the others. But strong, independent, and competitive young women are even more likely to hear gossips behind their backs. Psychologists developed a few hypotheses to explain why women refer to indirect aggression so frequently. Perhaps, basic biological instincts shall be blamed for such an unfair competition.

Researchers of human nature admit that women fight really fiercely. Perhaps, even fiercer than men do. They are driven by the primary instinct to dispose of the competitor on their way to a sexual partner. Obviously, young women do not need these sexual partners immediately, but they start fighting for them unconsciously. Besides, exposing the competitor’s fail, girls win the attention of cool guys in their school environment and become leaders of girls cliques.

Indirect aggression is a female counterpart of physical violence. While boys remove rivals out of the way using physical force, girls cannot do so because they are fragile. In fact, rumors and backstabbing may appear even more destructive than a small fight: girls frequently take the attitudes of others too seriously. Cattiness is a form of bullying when females strive to persuade others that their rivals are not beautiful or smart enough to survive in the school environment. Such behavior frequently causes an inferiority complex among women who are predisposed to perfectionism more than men.

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