Mobile laser scanning technology essay sample


Mobile 3D laser scanning technology is a new word in surveying and mapping. The scanner can measure the distance to the target illuminating it with a laser, but its main aim is to create a digital 3D model of the target. A laser captures the shape of the object, but the construction of a 3D model requires multiple shots obtained from different angles.

3D scanning technology is used for creating maps for natural sciences and cultural projects. Today many objects of cultural heritage are scanned to be easily reconstructed in case of damage. 3D scanning is a must in construction as it gives a precise model to be recreated in life. 3D city models help in urban planning and engineering allowing to accelerate the construction.

The laser scanning (also called Lidar) has a range of benefits in every field where it is applied. The high-performance of the laser is achieved in places where it is difficult to operate a ground-based vehicle. Scanners allow creating the maximum number of points to make the model more precise. It can give maps lots of details that cannot be achieved by other types of scanning. In brief, high-performance laser scanners offer an excellent navigation, collect data accurately preserving their quality, density, and coverage. That is why it is worth for companies to deploy Lidar technology to get the best-quality 3D model for their products.