Should companies allow employees to exercise on work time? essay sample

Exercising at work is a stumbling block in a 21st century workplace. As employees become more concerned about their health, it is more difficult for employers to ignore their needs. In fact, sedentary work existed centuries ago and so did health-damaging position in the manufacturing. Now it is much safer to work in industrial facilities, and sitting in the office brings no critical damage either. So think many employers. But we have a high employee awareness about risks of sedentary lifestyle in all types of occupations. People want to exercise, and they want to do it at the office.

Some employers take it that they have to install a mini-gym at the office to satisfy the needs of their people. But actually, one does not need an hour of heavy cardio exercises per day to stay healthy and sound. Let us leave TRX and weightlifting to night sessions at the gym with professional coaches. As for the office settings, people can do with a couple of 15-minutes exercise sessions per day when they are tired from sitting and staring at the screen. Studies show that people who have more than 2 hours of physical activity per week are more productive and satisfied with their results.

Just letting their workers exercise every day, employers boost their productivity without taking any other sophisticated steps. It takes a bit more than nothing and brings the real tangible revenue to companies. All of us are humans, and our productivity directly depends on our well-being. Everyone can do a couple of favorite exercises at the office to take off the stress and get an energy boost.

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