One Shouldn’t be Blocked From a Job Opportunity Just Because of Piercings or Tattoos essay sample


Despite the fact that approximately one in five Americans has a tattoo, many hiring policies do not favor individuals with ink or piercing. Young people with visible tattoos constantly deal with refusal from potential employers. Someone may say that it is discrimination, even if it is not based on race, ethnicity, gender, or disability. In fact, the policy of covering tattoos is like a dress code – many businesses still want their employees to look in a conservative way, especially if they interact with clients.

If hiring managers refuse inked applicants, they have a precise reason for their decision. Tattoos may be ambiguous, embarrassing or even offensive to conservative clients. Which is more, an extravagant piercing may greatly distract people even if they are quite tolerant to the body art. As a matter of fact, different businesses treat inked employees differently. Jobs which require a dress code and need their employees look smart will not accept any piercing or tattoo unless it can be totally covered for work. Here also belong work with clients, especially of all ages and religions. Jobs associated with creative activity do not usually require employees covering their ink. In some businesses, tattoos and piercing are even welcome.

Tattooed people are blocked from rather a limited range of jobs so that they have to consider specifics of the job-place before going to the interview. There is no use to apply for the jobs which do not tolerate tattoos that cannot be covered. But if there is a necessity to conceal the tattoo for work, it shall be done. All employers want their staff to conform with the corporate rules so that applicants shall be ready to make a compromise.

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