The Clothing Marketed to Young People is Needlessly Expensive essay sample

Appreciation of brand clothing is strongly connected with the desire to gain admiration and respect of others. Some people buy expensive clothes because they want to impress their peers, others choose them to underline their social status, and someone may just like the quality of this particular brand. Today the amount of advertising determines success among the customers that is why people who care too much about labels are easily hooked by brands. Young people surely belong to the group of risk. Many of them do not care about the quality of items; they are ready to pay just for the brand which is currently popular.

Brand clothing is expensive irrespective of the target audience. The customers usually are young adults who earn enough to afford themselves purchasing specific brands. However, it does depend on a person. Some older adults fancy nice designer clothing as well, and some young people do not really care about the label at the back of their coat. Apparently, quality does not always go along with a big name of the brand. Original designer items, of course, have an exceptional quality, but many popular mass-market brands frequently offer nothing more than an average quality of the fabric. Excessive advertising and international presence make these clothing more preferable for young people even if items of a better quality can be purchased from the local manufacturers for a lower price.

Consequently, some popular brands are needlessly expensive indeed which means that the price does not really stand for their quality. However, many world-famous manufacturers produce clothes  which are both costly and qualitative.

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