There Should Be More Opportunities For Students to Travel Abroad for School essay sample


Studying abroad is an appealing but frequently unaffordable practice to most average students. While children take it as a breathtaking adventure, parents may regard study abroad as a threat. Most adults accept getting a higher education abroad, but high school is more a domestic issue. Kids who have not come of age yet are not supposed to live independently.

Talking about college and university students, they take a possibility of studying abroad quite seriously. Higher education in America is far from cheap anyway so that high school graduates find it interesting to go to British or Australian universities. European and Asian countries are fancied too. Frequently, students start their education in America and then apply for studying abroad as exchange students according to the programs provided by their university. In most cases, study abroad is exciting; it broadens worldviews and cultural awareness; it allows students to develop critical thinking. Many students who go abroad also willingly engage in volunteering.

All respectable higher educational institutions offer their students possibilities to continue their education abroad. Many schools establish contacts with partner institutions abroad and agree on the exchange of students. They usually offer discounts the prices are lower to those who came on the exchange. Students councils usually spread information about foreign universities which are the most popular among the American graduates.

Perhaps, the tradition of studying abroad shall be more common that it is now in the US. After all, education abroad does not exclude the possibility of obtaining a degree at home in the first place. It rather broadens a general experience of international students and makes them more appealing to American employers.