High School Sports Are Leading to Too Many Injuries essay sample

High school athletes are as prone to injuries just as professional athletes. Parents whose children go in for sports have already got used to seeing their kids more or less injured – grazes, bruises, and strains are simply unavoidable. Nevertheless, sometimes young athletes come out of competition with fractions and more severe injuries. Both the child and the family are upset in moments like this, but what could be done? No one can quite predict sports accidents.

Injuries are not a news to a sport of any kind. Not only high school students but also college athletes, adults as well as little kids playing in the yard can be accidentally injured in their sports activity. Talking about students, the most common injuries are strains, contusions, and fractures. Some injuries are acute, which means they result from the sudden twist or fall. The others are overuse injuries which emerge due to the repetitive actions which pose too much tension for muscles or joints. Swimming, gymnastics, and cheerleading usually contribute to overuse injuries of shoulder, arm, or wrist.

More critical injuries of athletes are called catastrophic injuries. They take much more time for a patient to recover and can be critical to human life. These are the injuries of head, neck, and spine. Proper safety measures certainly diminish chances of a child to obtain one of the severe injuries, nevertheless, they are still at risk.

High school sports really lead to certain injuries, but both students and their parents are well-aware of this fact. No famous sporting career has been built without characteristic traumas. To eliminate chances of getting an injury, children shall be taught not to ignore every single precaution among other measures.

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