The Length of The School Day Leads to Too Much Sitting Around, and Not Enough Exercise essay sample


Too much sitting is a problem of most people in the world. We sit in offices, in cars, in front of TV-sets, and everywhere. Which is more, sitting has become a problem of little kids and teenagers. Spending most of the day at school, children clearly exceed their limit of sitting which is not a good news. A sedentary lifestyle is not only associated with serious illnesses like diabetes and heart conditions. It also intervenes a proper blood circulation and damages a child’s posture which can result in clamping of nerve endings and severe pain.

The length of the school day troubles students and their parents. Adults see that their kids are completely exhausted after a standard number of classes. Students, in their turn, suppose that they have too many lessons and little time for preparing the whole amount of homework. But there is one more opinion towards the issue. Doctors admit that present day children are more prone to illnesses because they sit for too long, bot at school and at home. The academic load tends to increase which immediately results in the number of classes and their duration. When at home, children either do their homework or engage in other sitting activities.

Taking into account quite a long school day, educational establishments started taking measures. Primary schools have some classes in which students do not need to sit at all, and teachers at secondary schools insist that students stand up to answer questions. The importance of PT is again on the agenda: while someone suggests that physical exercises are a waste of time, most educators insist that they are essential.

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