One visit to a supermarket: The effects of consumer culture on our choices essay sample



Consumer’s behavior is influenced by a broad range of factors. They reflect both the external influence made by society or natural environment as well as an internal impact of personal tastes.

Studying the specifics of the population in each particular area and external factors which interfere with their life, retailers do their best to provide consumers with the products that match their demands precisely.

Coming to a supermarket, we usually buy certain products and not the other ones. Moreover, retailers already know what we are the most likely to purchase and constantly enrich the variety of potentially popular goods. As a rule, consumer’s culture is predetermined by their location. People in rural areas, for example, rely on products from their local farmers while urban population may do with snacks and fast-food. The religion of the majority of consumers is not to be overseen either. Abstinence from the certain type of food for religious purposes changes makes a dramatic change in consumer’s eating habits. Another tendency which can be easily predicted by the retailers is the social status of consumers. Shops in poor or remote areas are unlikely to offer expensive goods as no one can buy them there.

Individual habits of the consumers are not so easy to predict, nevertheless, they greatly influence their decision-making. Age and health conditions predominantly define human needs just in everything from nutrition to clothing. Individual taste forces us to chose the products we like most. However, taste usually forms due to the influence of advertising and other marketing strategies so that retailers can predict habits of their consumers more or less successfully.

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