Socialization and assimilation when a person starts college essay sample



Learning to be a member of any social group is a lifelong process which becomes especially urgent when people enter a school, college or take a job. The ability to conform is the first thing which makes socialization easier and helps us to feel comfortable in a new social environment.

High school graduates may be frequently confused with their new college life. At this stage, they have to cooperate with so many people, from roommates to professors and staff which usually appears more complicated to some extent than the communication they used to face at high school.

In the first place, freshmen have to make sure that they get on well with their room fellows. Inconsistencies about daily routine can spoil even the most blissful day and distract students from learning. Next, maintaining friendly relationships with the group-mates, freshmen have more fun during classes and feel free to ask peers for a help or prepare for the lessons together. At last, college professors make quite a challenge for the first-years. As a rule, they all have different requirements concerning extra help or deadlines so that a student may feel their attention “torn into pieces” trying to memorize habits of every instructor.

Getting through their process of socialization at the college, the majority of students become more alike. But in this case, assimilation is not a synonym to the loss of one’s identity. Enrolling in college clubs and communities, students assimilate with peers and express their own unique identity at the same time. Nevertheless, it would be the best option if new college students succeeded to find the balance between displaying one’s individual “self” and conformity with their group as it is the key to successful socialization.

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