Online slang as a part of teenage subculture essay sample

You are well aware of the fact that teenagers like to be different from the rest which is the reason why a lot of them enjoy joining various kinds of subcultures. Thus, each subculture usually has its own look, the way in which the members behave as well as slang, obviously. What it all boils down to is that one can easily say that slang is a part of a teenage subculture. What is more, special attention should be paid to online slang in this respect.

The thing is that the way in which teenagers express their thoughts online is quite fascinating. There are lots of different short forms and acronyms which you would not even have thought of yourself but they kind of seem to work perfectly. That is the reason why those slang forms of words quite often become really popular which presupposes that they will most likely be used by a bigger amount of people later on. Apart from that, it is a great example of how teenage culture develops.

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