Paleo diet and its effectiveness essay sample


The Paleolithic diet which only recently reached the peak of its popularity received some portion of ambiguous treatment from the nutritionists just like many other diets did. The diet encourages us to follow eating habits of our ancient forefathers. For ages, people ate what could be hunted, fished, and taken from nature. Clearly, the food was much healthier among the wild nature before the industrial revolution with all its consequences. Advocates of the diet consume lean meat, fish, vegetables excluding grains and dairy products from the daily ration. Several studies claim that paleo diet  has quite good tolerance and helps to get rid of excessive weight faster than other diets. However, there is an opinion that paleo eating may be harmful.

Dieticians admit that paleo diet has the potential to be safe and healthy. It promotes a reduction of saturated fat and protein which usually increase chances of developing cardiovascular conditions and encourages eating unprocessed food which does not lose essential nutrients while cooking. The diet is high in fiber, potassium, antioxidants provided by local, organic non-GM food and grass-fed meat. Such food makes the body work hard to obtain essential nutrients which naturally encourages weight loss.

As major disadvantages of the diet, nutritionists mention avoiding products high in calcium and vitamin D. Deficiency of these components may be an insult to our bones. People who follow the diet shall consume some substitutes of calcium and vitamin D otherwise they risk developing osteoporosis or bone fracture.