Chronic fatigue and its cure essay sample

Surely, everyone experienced fatigue at least few times in their life. It usually comes along with the inflammatory seasonal diseases such as a cold or indicates towards regular hormonal changes in woman’s organism. Perhaps, it is normal to feel worn-out in such critical times, and there is definitely no wonder why people remain tired after the constant lack of night sleep. However, chronic fatigue syndrome is something more serious than just a couple of restless nights.

Fatigue is a central symptom of the disorder in question but it does not come alone. To diagnose chronic fatigue disorder, it shall be accompanied by the loss of memory, sore throat, muscle pain of an unknown origin, enlarged lymph nodes, sleep which provides no rest, and exhaustion which does not vanish after physical or mental work. As we can see, symptoms greatly resemble signs of viral infections or hormonal imbalance.

There is no definite reason for a chronic fatigue. Some doctors believe that the disorder is triggered by infections, others point out towards psychological stress. Slight impairment of immune system is also observed alongside with the chronic fatigue, however, the weak immune system itself is not enough for developing the condition. Similarly, there is no precise test which will diagnose people with the condition.

Doctors remain uncertain when it comes to the treatment of the chronic fatigue. Obviously, it is necessary to cure viral infections which actually caused fatigue or check the hormonal picture to look for any deficiency. As soon as visible physical illnesses are cured, patients need rest or some counseling.