Autism and its remedies essay sample

Taking into account the steadily rising statistics of children diagnosed with autism, parents become more anxious about causes and treatment of the disorder. It is so devastating to see how a child grows reserved and distracted, does not speak or smile to parents. As the diagnosis comes out of a clear sky, shocked parents rush to the pediatricians and search for the medicine which may bring an immediate improvement. They face numerous difficulties starting from everyday interaction to inability to enroll a child in schools with other peers. In fact, curing autism requires early reaction and individual therapy.

Treatment of autism can be very comprehensive as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Autism frequently goes along with sleep and eating disorders, seizures, gastrointestinal problems, etc. treatment which is usually included. There are various programs aimed at reducing symptoms of autism. Behavior and communication therapies are developed to eliminate social, language, and behavioral difficulties created by the disease. Education therapies provide good preschool training which will help autistic children to adapt to further schooling. Family therapies are essential in dealing with autism as no people can encourage children to interact better than family. Medication prescribed to autistic children usually depends on specifics of their symptoms. Frequently doctor’s prescription includes antidepressants.

There is an evidence that a small number of autistic children develop to the point where they show no signs of the disorder. Some children overcome severe symptoms of the disorder, however, they continue to show mild deviations from the norm. However, it always depends on what doctors consider to be “a norm”.

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