Physical, financial and emotional abuse of elderly people essay sample



Being physically fragile, elderly people make up a vulnerable social category. Many of them are physically or mentally ill and require more attention from caregivers who protect them from social or physical abuse. However, caregivers may become abusers in the first place – children or grandchildren frequently become annoyed with the infantile behavior of the elder family members and ignore their needs.

Elderly people are prone to almost any type of abuse. Emotional abuse, financial exploitation, and healthcare fraud are the most common, nevertheless, physical, and sexual abuse also happen. First of all, elderly citizens are always psychologically vulnerable. We can frequently hear people in the neighborhood yelling at their elderly parents as they cannot come to any agreement. Some of them perceive disabled and weak elderly people as an obstacle to their well-being and freedom.

The elderly may become victims of financial exploitation. Their funds and property are at risk as disabled individuals often cannot control the access of caregivers and other people to their cash, income checks or household goods. Dishonest caregivers may use the elder person’s money without their consent, forge their signature, and steal the identity.

Healthcare abuse comes as a result of unethical doctors’ activity. They may suppose that younger patients are prior to their attention, therefore, the elderly will be neglected. Again, healthcare is a possible risk of fraud in case elderly patients receive unreasonably high bills. Light-fingered doctors also like to prescribe redundant medication or imagine non-existing conditions in elderly people who have no other choice than to follow their recommendations.

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