Playing team sports helps children improve their communication skills essay sample



Many parents start worrying when their children spend a lot of time in isolation from their peers. Playing video games for hours and refusing to interact out with the other kids, they make the impression that something is wrong. However, anti-social behavior does not necessarily point out to any disorders; probably the child is merely too shy when it comes to the communication with the new people.

Children paying interest and participating in the team sports benefit in many ways. In the first place, it is fun to spend time with friends playing in the stadium or in the backyard. Next, team sports help to maintain the well-being of a child by teaching them how to get along with other children in a team and how to act as a member of a unit. It is essential for kids to get that team spirit from the early age in order to become successful in the future. Thus, soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby and other sports provide a perfect opportunity for children to learn a bit more about the behavior of others and the most successful ways to interact with them.

Being a part of the team means something more than performing one’s particular role defined by this group. It also requires interaction between the members, declaring one’s own point of view, standing for oneself, and managing conflicts. In general, children who had developed their social skills can cope with these tasks quite successfully, but the ones who are super shy even in front of their friends will find work in a team extremely difficult. To eliminate problems with social interaction, parents shall prefer their kids to attend sporting sections and play team sports.


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