Removing all personal information (i.e. name and date of birth) from resumes helps combat workplace discrimination essay sample


Discrimination in the workplace is not unusual, and many applicants are likely to face it. Gender and age are especially interesting to the employers who do not want to pay for a maternity leave of their employees. Many people face difficulties with finding a well-paid job place because they still remain to be inappropriate to the potential employees because of their race, nationality or age group.

Eradication of discrimination in the workplace is as essential as combating this phenomenon in other spheres of social life. However, it is hardly imaginable that removing personal information from one’s CV will help a bit in overcoming the prejudice. As an interview still remains an essential part of the selection to any position, the employer will reveal age, gender, nationality, and race of the applicant anyway. And those employees who do not want too young or too old, female, immigrant, or Afro-American applicants will never hire them irrespective of their resume.

Probably, it would be better for applicants to search for other ways of resisting unfair employers. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of business people who would like to hire qualified professionals irrespective of their gender and racial origin. It makes no sense to try changing people who are already determined to dislike minority groups, it would be much better to find fair employers and cooperate with them. The sense of getting a job does not merely lie in being liked or disliked by the employers; it also plays a great role whether the employee likes their potential employer and conditions they offer or not. Feeling the scent of discrimination during their interview, applicants can just put this experience behind and continue searching for more tolerant employers.

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