Riding bikes to work helps solve the problem of obesity in developed countries essay sample



Obesity appeared to be an especially pressing problem at the present time. As compared to the previous century, the number of overweight and obese Americans rose dramatically, and this fact is difficult to ignore. From the early age, children reveal a strong tendency to obesity, however, their parents do not seem to be slender either. Most people agree that they shall change their way of life to get rid of excessive kilogram but still find morning exercises boring.

It is a certain fact that bicycles can improve our health and not only due to the reduction in greenhouse emissions. Daily riding to work and back home can replace training in the gym as such a physical activity actively burns energy and involves several groups of muscles into work. Riding is a perfect substitution for conventional morning exercises as it does not need extra time. Obviously, riding is not as fast and comfortable as driving, but benefits for health are evident too.

The bicycle is a popular means of everyday transportation, particularly in Europe. Short distances make it especially convenient and fast. Many European cities have a good infrastructure for cycling and it is quite safe to ride there. Perhaps, this tradition shall obtain more popularity in America. Surely, riding is impossible for long distances and in the cold weather but still, it is healthy and cheap.

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