Private colleges are better than state colleges essay sample



Expecting their kids to apply to colleges, parents thoroughly weigh tuition fee required by establishments and the prospect of further employment. We tend to think that costly establishments are more prestigious and their staff is more qualified. It seems that all employers would like their best applicants to study at private colleges. Nevertheless, there is no universally perfect option; we may conclude that private establishments are prestigious and have a hype around them, but not all employers will do great favors for a private school’s graduate. Consequently, an extensive spending is not always worth it.

The choice of university greatly depends on a child and their abilities. Talented and hard-working kids will become successful if they study in the huge public establishment in the faculty which is right for them. If a student is not brilliant enough, a private college may not save them. A certain part of the graduates is not competitive in their field in spite of the prestigious diploma.

A success of a costly education also depends on the employer. Some of them prefer employees who studied at private establishments; they may sort out applications according to this criterion. But a bulk of companies need employees with the required practical skills. What difference does the name of the college make, if an applicant suits the job description quite well?

Before deciding to overpay for a prestigious college, parents shall evaluate all these criteria alongside with the power of their family budget. A private college would be nice if the money is not a problem. But families with a limited budget shall bear in mind that the federal funding does not make state colleges any worse at all.

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