State colleges are better than private colleges essay sample


Tuition is a pressing issue to students and their parents. The questions such as which college to choose, where to live, how much to pay, and whether to get a degree at all can bring anxiety and sleeping disorders to the older generation. Usually, not all parents can afford to pay for higher education without running in debts, and for this reason, state colleges are preferred by families with middle to low income. But it is not only a tuition fee which makes a difference. Size, demographics, and recreational services differ from one college to another. Actually, parents can make up quite a long list of criteria inherent to the establishment they need.

The major difference between public and private colleges lies in their source of funding . State colleges are operated on the governmental costs to the greater extent that is why tuition fee will not rise sky-high here. Private colleges, on the other hand, greatly rely on the costs of parents and contributors. Tuition fee in private establishments covers most of the expenses so that it is really costly. Public colleges are also bigger in size. They can room more students and offer nice recreation complexes. Numerous faculties offer a wide range of academic programs, from arts to engineering. Small private establishments do not have such a variety of activities even if their interior and campus life is luxurious. Besides, private schools tend to gather students of a particular social background.

To put it shortly, state colleges are better for students who want to focus on education and quality leisure time. There is no need for parents to run in debts pushing their child into luxurious private schools – large public colleges can be even better in many respects.

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