Security cameras keep us safer essay sample



Security cameras can be seen in every more or less public place these days. Many of us feel inconvenient when surrounded by cameras because our privacy can be violated. Nevertheless, all the surveillance equipment is meant to keep us safe in public where any act of terrorism is possible. Constant monitoring is the best way to prevent attacks which can easily happen in the broad daylight.

The use of security cameras in public places is inevitable and completely legal. Even school corridors are equipped with cameras – it is important that children and their parents feel confident about their daily safety. However, many people feel anxious about the total surveillance which makes children feel like prisoners. Their embarrassment is pretty clear, but a majority of parents need to know that their kids are safe at all costs and that teachers are fully responsible for their students.

Security cameras greatly help in investigations. Videos help to find criminals even if they wore masks and protect innocent individuals from possible accusations. Talking about petty crimes, thieves may think twice before sneaking goods under security cameras so that installing surveillance equipment in stores is a must.

Today security cameras have overtaken the function which previously belonged to the policemen. Currently, police departments cannot allow so many human resources to monitor every shop, bank, or school. They have been succeeded by numerous the cameras and security workers who may have a look at every corner of the large building without leaving their post. Cameras helped to improve security and optimize resources spent on it. And security is one of the top priorities in the modern uncertain world.

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