We should/should not spend money on space exploration essay sample

With the constant financial deficiency, the federal government continues to cut spending on welfare and education. These sectors still function somehow but no one is expecting any progress in subsidies or reduction of tuition fee. Billiards of taxpayer’s dollars go for space exploration, at the same time, and not all citizens can evaluate whether such a vast spending is worth it.

Apparently, space industry could not avoid cuts on spending in the recent years as well. In 2017, research and development activities of the space agency are expecting a further cut by $80 million. Evidently, the federal government cannot allow themselves to finance space research to the extent they would like to do this – down to earth matters become even more pressing with every year. Recently, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare required additional spending which resulted in the cuts mentioned above.

The division of governmental money is frequently debated as people want various sectors to have priorities. Some Americans suppose that the government is wasting their money by giving it to those who cannot earn a living themselves. The others suppose that the spending on welfare are miserable and shall be increased. The thing is, space exploration, as well as science, technology, or any other branch of research, cannot remain without the federal support.

The wisdom and capability of the government are measured by the ability to pay attention to all sectors of society. It is essential to keep balance in financial assistance and not to make cuts outrageously large. We shall spend money on space, nanotechnology, agriculture, social security, Medicaid and many more programs.