Puppies should live on campus to help students fight stress essay sample



Canis therapy has already become a well-known approach in curing people with disorders and rehabilitating patients with disabilities. Many conditions which are unlikely to be cured by chemicals can be treated alternatively with the help of dogs or other animals. Families which care about the well-being of their little kids frequently think about getting a pet that will help children to socialize and come through the tough times in studying. Even universities have recently started to make up “puppy rooms” where all willing students can come and play with dogs to get comfort and  diminish anxiety.

It is a solid fact that spending some time with our four-legged friends, we dispose of the tension acquired during the hard day and normalize physiological processes in our body. Just petting a dog, we can reduce the level of stress hormones and increase serotonin in our blood. Staying for some half an hour to watch and play with dogs, students bring their blood pressure and heartbeat back to normal and feel more vigorous and cheerful. Dogs are very affectionate animals as they like attention and return the love shown by surrounding people.

It is obvious that little kids are so much fond of their pets, but children who nearly grew up so no less enthusiasm. Many volunteers sign up for training sessions with dogs on their campuses and adore these hours which make them feel so humane. Dog owners visit campuses with their pets so that students and animals could benefit from this interaction. However, it would be nice if some pets  lived at campuses permanently and were taken care by affectionate students and staff.

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