Restricting alcohol sales does not lower rates of alcoholism essay sample



Alcoholism has always been one of the most destructive factors in the social life. Governments and international health organizations do their best to combat the spread of alcoholism, nevertheless, experts claim that such a target will be extremely difficult to achieve. Alcohol manufacturers do their best to make sure that their sales only rise. Their activity does not help WHO and similar organizations to diminish the consumption of alcohol.

At the present time, the retail of alcohol is restricted by various regulations across the US. No alcohol can be sold to individuals under the age of 18 or 21. The consumption age on average coincides with the legal purchasing age imposed by law. Most states also have various time restrictions for the retail of alcohol drinks on working days and sometimes on holidays. Besides, not everywhere in America grocery stores are eligible to sell liquor and distilled spirits; some of them can sell only beer. Moreover, excise taxes are frequently manipulated to discourage people from drinking by imposing a high price on the alcohol.

Despite the wide range of measures aimed at restricting the consumption of alcohol, alcoholism continues to bloom. On the one hand, it refers to people in poverty who prefer to buy alcohol on their last money ignoring all others urgent needs. On the other hand, a lot of alcohol beverages is consumed by the teenage community. Adolescents just cannot arrange a “respectable” party if it is not loaded with uncountable bottles of alcohol. Perhaps, alcoholism at the early age tends to prolong for life and ruin the life of youngsters.

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