Racial Stereotypes and their Effects essay sample

Any stereotype appears when people discover traits or characteristics typically inherent to a social group. Stereotypes can describe people of certain race, nationality, gender, social class, occupation, or due to their belonging to any other social group. These characteristics display all members of any group acting in the same way which is actually impossible. Nevertheless, stereotypes are long-lasting images difficult for people to dispose of.

Racial stereotypes are usually negative opinions which prevent people of color from inclusion into the community of a different race. They also drag an improper treatment and discrimination in the workplace. For example, if all African Americans are perceived as members of the armed gangs and residents of city slums, they face suspicion and maltreatment of the majority.  If all Hispanic people are suspected to be illegal migrants, no employer will offer them a high salary or provide a workplace at all. Middle Eastern people, in their turn, look like terrorists. They are the prior suspects in violent attacks, and they are more likely to be humiliated while questioning. Implying these images to racial minorities, Caucasians fit in the role of racists. The racial majority is frequently accused of abusive implications which they never meant.

On the other hand, not all stereotypes discriminate people and diminish their dignity. For example, there is a belief that African Americans are exceptionally good at basketball. College basketball programs usually stimulate students of color in to become members of the college teams. Another stereotype is that Asian students are geniuses. A small percentage of Asians study at American high schools but they perform exceptionally well. Besides, Asian people are indissolubly tied to the martial arts. Watching vintage films with Bruce Lee, Americans frequently believe that most Asians know Kung Fu.