Culture and Race: Is Environment More Important than Race? essay sample

Culture is a potent factor which influences motives and behavior of people. Talking about misunderstandings between races, we shall take into account the power of stereotypes. Images which make all representatives of any race identical always distort the reality. They make problems look exaggerated and all people – radical. Apparently, these processes are not predetermined by the race. African Americans do not have any racially-specific genes which make them more inclined to violence than other races. Similarly, Caucasians beware of racial diversity because they are not accustomed to people of color traditionally.

Historical background and socioeconomic environment determine behavior of people to a greater extent. African Americans and Hispanic people frequently have troubles with the authorities who wait for these groups to appear bandits or unregistered immigrants. Middle Asian people are much more likely to be terrorists because of their religious beliefs, according to the police. But is it really correct to classify people purely by racial origin?

Social environment and education are the most potent factors which form behavior. From the early childhood, individuals are shaped by principles, views, and habits of their community. Children raised in radical families have more chances to grow up intolerant or rebellious irrespective of their race. Besides, there are other drives which push a person to certain decisions such as a social class.

Mutual understanding is an essential part of communication which cannot be achieved if people judge the others merely by their inborn characteristics such as a race. The diversity of cultures is the precise factor which makes all people different.