Attitudes Toward Race and Police Brutality essay sample

Racial bias is usually associated with actions of the police. The prejudice expressed by civil citizens does not influence people of color except for emotional distress, perhaps. But police actions are usually damaging and even fatal. According to the recent statistics, African Americans tend to be shot by the police 2.5 times more often that Caucasians. Looking at the total numbers of people shot by the police, we can see that there are twice more Caucasian victims than African Americans, but this minority makes up about 13 percent of the population, consequently, they are more vulnerable in front of the law enforcement officers.

Mass media regularly report about shootings or lethal incidents which involve people of color and police officers. Sometimes African Americans are reported to be killed unarmed. Besides, people of color are pursued by the police much more often than the racial majority. A vast controversy arose around this issue as the sides blame their opponents for operating with the fake data. It is hardly possible to estimate the level of police officers abuse objectively as they are quite eligible to use guns in a number of situations. Besides, there is little information about the behavior of the victims like whether they simply run away or fought back. To believe the police reports, most African Americans were armed at the time of conflict, but many people doubt whether it is actually true.

It is possible to assume that police pursues people of color more often because they were reported to violate laws. Residents of ghettos live on the verge of poverty and naturally commit a theft much more frequently than Caucasians. But still, the percentage of African Americans shot by the police raises hackles.